Village of Hamburg 

Street and Alley Committee
Steve Doerr - Chair
Jody Heidenriech
Seth Mason

Park and Recreation Committee
Seth Mason - Chair
Steve Doerr
Jody Heidenriech
Keven Webster

Town Hall Committee
Kristine Payne - Chair
Debbie Hall
Jean Benoist
Eric Benoist
Marlene Smith

Memorial Committee
Jody Heidenriech - Chair
Debbie Hall
Eric Benoist
Marlene Smith
Crickett Quiller

Hamburg Improvement Committee
Kristine Payne - Chair
Jean Benoist
Steve Doerr
Debbie Hall
Jody Heidenriech
Eric Benoist
Jamie Mason
Seth Mason

Cemetery Committee
George Smith - Chair
Letha Poore
Jim DeLong

Funeral Committee
Kristine Payne - Chair
Debbie Hall
Jean Benoist
Marlene Smith

Flower Committee
Kristine Payne - Chair
Jamie Mason

Recreation Activities Committee
Eric Benoist - Chair
Jamie Mason
Jean Benoist

Special Interest Artistry

Kimberly A. Dublo 

Private artists studio

Fine art and gourds in the raw. 
(visitors welcome by appointment or by chance)

407 Water St. Hamburg, Il. 62045  

facebook or google -  special interest artistry/ Kimberly Dublo​

Rok Outdooz

412 Water Street

P. O. Box 3

Hamburg, Illinois 62045

Shop Hours: Monday - Thursday

9:00 AM to 5 PM(CST)


9 AM to 1 PM (CST)








Scenic Mississippi River View

Public Boat Access Ramp & Parking
Various Parks-Public Playground

Basketball Court, Swings & Kiddie Rides
BBQ Pits & Picnic Tables

2 Pavilions & 1 Gazebo
Town Hall Rental for Events
Handicap Parking

Village Officials

News &  Events

Village Board Meetings:


1st Monday of each month at 7 P.M.

(next day if Holiday)


Village of Hamburg Town Hall

Agendas are posted at the Town Hall 48 hours before the next meeting.

June 4, 2018 Agenda

  • Mayor: Seth Mason (Interim)
  • Trustee: Steve Doerr
  • Trustee: Kathy Byer
  • Trustee: Christine Payne
  • Trustee: Eric Benoist
  • Trustee: Jean Benoist
  • Trustee: Jody Heidenreich
  • Clerk: Jamie Mason
  • Treasurer: Debbie Hall
  • Attorney: Donald Schaaf, Jr

Two Rivers Crime Stoppers


Local Businesses

Local Attractions

Village Cleanup at June 4th - June 11th

Dumpster will be located at the north end of the Village Hall


Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010