Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010

Village of Hamburg 

Posted 9-19-2017:

Soup Supper Big Success!

" I have been informed from the Hamburg ladies, the same group that worked tirelessly to put on a good feed, that the fundraiser yesterday made it's goal and that a new gazebo will be ordered this week. In a month's time, that gazebo will be in place at the Hamburg point park, SW corner of Hamburg, it too will be stained white for all to see and enjoy. 

I want to thank all those that assisted in the making of this event and to all who stopped by and indulged in some find home made dishes. It was a long day for most everyone involved who made this event a success.

Most all of the improvements planned for Hamburg this year will be accomplish and continuation will continue come Spring. We now have the Methodist Church that was gifted to the Village of Hamburg added to that list. The Village Trustees have already entered into discussion for our village Christmas with Santa be held there and the meal at the town hall.

Thanks again to all for attending and contributing to our event. So many local businesses contributed so much it was overwhelming. We of Hamburg appreciated it very much."

Ed Williams

Posted 9-15-2017:

"Soup Supper" - 

" The Village of Hamburg is looking good for tomorrows fundraiser. We hope for a large turnout. The ladies of Hamburg have worked tirelessly for almost two months gathering donations to help fund this fundraiser to better the Village of Hamburg and it's appearance. Homemade food preparations has been continuous for this past week, preparing homemade dishes of Chicken and Dumplings, Ham & Beans, chili and apple and peach pies. 

Please stop by starting at 4pm and enjoy some great home made dishes."

Thank you
Ed Williams

Posted 8-18-2017:

"Soup Supper" - 
The Village of Hamburg will be having a soup supper fund raiser on Sept 16th beginning at 4 p.m. to help purchase a new gazebo at the town park along with other projects to benefit the town. The Modern Woodman of America Chapter 18050 chairman Allan Johnson,will be matching funds raised up to $1500 to help with the projects.

The Soup Supper will be held at the Town Hall in Hamburg and will serve homemade Ham & Beans,or Chili, or Chicken and Dumplings,  along with ham and cheese sandwiches,hot dogs or chili dogs,homemade desserts, and drinks, tea, coffee,and water. children under three are free .

There will be a 50/50 drawing and door prizes through the evening.

Anyone wishing to donate a dessert or for more information please contact Christine Payne at 232-1211 or Jean Benoist at 232-1132.

Your support will be greatly appreciated.