2017 Election Results: same as Caucus Results

Photo shows the Mayor, Clerk Treasurer & Trustees:

Sitting - Left to Right:
Debbie Hall - Treasurer
Edwin Williams - Mayor
Jamie Mason - Clerk

Standing - Left to Right:
Jean Benoist
Jody Heidenriech
Christine Payne
Eric Benoist
Steve Doerr
Seth Mason (absent)

Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010

Village of Hamburg 

Election Information & Results

Hamburg Caucus 
December 7, 2020 at 6:00pm.
Held at the Village Hall
NOTE: Only Registered Voters residing within the Village are allowed to attend.

Seats up for Voting:
2 yr - Mayor Interim Eric Benoist
4 yr - Trustee Steve Doerr
4 yr - Trustee Interim Katie Sibley
4 yr - Trustee Interim Zach Fry

Caucus Results: 
Nominee's as follows:
Mayor: Eric Benoist
Trustee: Steve Doerr
Trustee: Katie Sibley
Trustee: Zach Fry