John Shaw article was published in the Calhoun Sesquicentennial Times July 4-5, 1975. The Story was titled: 150 years of History: In cooperation with the Calhoun News and Calhoun Herald

1936 Hamburg Telephone Directory - 4 pages​ - Click images to enlarge

Old Hamburg Jail House - set at the corner of State St., north of the cut going up to the Cemetery.

(Rumor has it back in the day, they had a prisoner that would escape during the night and then show up back in the jail cell by the next morning.  The deputies couldn't figure out how he was getting out and then getting back in.  Finally after a couple days of this, they sat watch and seen that he was climbing in and out through the chimney)

The above cabin was built between 1822 and 1830 and served as a steamboat stop.  Local residents would bring their apples, livestock and other produce to the cabin for shipment to St. Louis.  When the boat arrived, the goods would be loaded for shipment.  Payment for the goods would arrive on the return trip of the steamboat.  

 The most notable resident of the cabin was Colonel John Shaw, a frontiersman who acquired the cabin in about 1836. Daniel Boone and his son Nathan were friends of John Shaw and referred to him as an outstanding frontiersman. John Shaw's memoirs were published in the 1850's and are on the Wisconsin Historical Society website.  (Information came from present Cabin Owner)

In an article in the Alton Telegraph printed on Monday, March 22, 1999, states: "The Shaw home is a historic landmark and the deed to the land was signed by President Martin Van Buren on August 6, 1838

"Town Facts" Article was printed in Alton Telegraph on Monday, March 22, 1999

Hamburg History

Hamburg was founded in the early 1800's by pioneers such as John Shaw who came over from Germany to plant corn, grow apples and start commercial fishing trades.

There is a rich history in our little Village and surrounding areas along the Mississippi River. Learn more by visiting the following page.​

Early H​istory & First Settlers


Born May 23, 1821

Died July 12, 1867
A bluff top monument overlooks the village, indicating the burial of riverboat Captain Swarnes who wished to be buried upright to command a panoramic view of the river.

B.H. Williams, Resided in Hamburg, IL, Graduated Keokuk Medical: 1878

James R. Vaughn, Resided in Hamburg, IL, Graduated Keokuk Medical: 1894

William Allen DeLong, Resided in Hamburg, IL, Graduated Washington University: 1907

  • One hundred lots in the town of Hamburg were offered for sale by John Shaw in 1836. Once a thriving river community where apples were loaded and shipped, banks were busy and profitable, stores were laden with goods and shoppers, Hamburg now sits quietly along and sometimes in the waters of the Mississippi.

Apple Blossom Article was printed in Alton Telegraph on Monday, March 22, 1999

Village of Hamburg 

Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010