"The Village of Hamburg has begun replacing it's memorial and is requesting names of those who served in the armed forces who are or were from the Village of Hamburg or Hamburg District.

If you or a family member that is or was living in Hamburg or the Hamburg District during the time in service (move in's not qualified) please send their name and branch of service. These names are requested as soon as possible so when the time comes to apply those names, all will be available.

Please send the information to: hamburgclerk@frontier.com
Please pass this request along to those you know, need to know. Name and branch of service only".

Thank you
Village of Hamburg

Posted: May 28, 2017

Village of Hamburg 

Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010

These names are from our original Memorial Board, names of servicemen from Hamburg and the surrounding area that served. If you have a soldier from our area that served, please contact me so I can add their name. Also if you know what branch of service or what war they served, I would like to add that information to this list.

Ansell, Carl W. , Ansell, Raymond, Ansell, Paul, Armstrong, James B., Armstrong, Neil G., Anderson, Wilbert F.,

Blackston, James R., Blackston, George, Blackston, Gloyd, Blackorby, William, Blackorby, Edmund, Blackorby Ova W.,

Blackorby, Herman N., Blackorby, Louis, Blackorby, Harold, Becker, Sylvester, Becker, Basil, Bailey,

Donald, Bailey, Veron E. Bailey, Howard, Baugh, William, Baugh,  Jack E., Baugh, Hobart, Ball, Jesse, Barnes, Kenneth M., Barnes, John H., Barnes, Lee M., Barnes, Edward, Burge, Homer, Byrd, Marvin L., Benz, Dean, Bader, Noris, Bader, Tracey, Bader, Lee, Bauser, James, Blackston, Frank, Burris, Charles E., Branham, Arthur Jr., 

Campbell, Everett,  Campbell, Harrison W., Campbell, Lindell, Campbell, Clarence M., Crader, Leo, Crader, Dale E., Crader, Harrison A.,  Crader, Jerold C., Corbett, William, Clendenny, Paul, Clendenny, William, Clugston, Paul W.,  Coulter, Charles C., Cloninger, Lewis,

Cress, Ernest L., 

Darr, Richard H. (Navy - Korean War), Davis, Elba, Davis, Arville, Day, John B., Day, John W., Day, Joseph P., DeGerlia, Clyde,

DeGerlia, Gerald, DeGerlia, Gilbert, DeGerlia, Charles, Dirksmeyer, Virgil, Dirksmeyer, Donald, Dirksmeyer, Robert, Daniels,

Raymond, Doerr, Cecil M., DeLong, Edgar .

Emerick, Esthol.

Fox, Harry, Fox, Llody, Fox, Kenneth, Fisher, Ellis F., Fisher, Orville C., Foiles, Russell M., Foiles, Louis A., Foiles, Donald,

Fielder, Blake, Fielder, Rogers, Fuller, Donald, Follis, Noble, Ferry, Joet Dean

Grover, George E., Grover, Charles, Grover, Norman, Gresham, Logan A., Graham, Leland, Graham, Raymond,

Gress, Arthur, Gress, Lewis, Gress, Ernest, Gray, Jacob A., Godar, Russell F., Goltz, Urban, Guthrie, Reed.

Hayn, Thomas M., Hayn, Fred, Hack, Gerald, Hatfield, Kenneth, Hughes, Edmund F., Hughes, John Jr., Hughes, Thomas.

Hughes, Patrick, Howdeshell, Mulen, Howdeshell, Owen K., Hirst, Kenneth, Hirst, William K., Hirst, Irvin C., Hunter, Truman.
Hunter, Charles E., Howland, Edgar R., Howland, Ova, Housmann, Peter W., Heimer, Joseph A.

Jacobs, Cecil L., Jones, Robert L., Jones, Cecil L., Johnson, Curtis A.

Kamp, Anthony, Kelly, Daniel Jr., Kelly, James J., Kelly, Michael W., Killebrew, Roland L., Koeing, George W., Krames, John E.
Knight, Edward A., Knight, Howard, Knight, Cecel J., Knight, Ellis L., Knight, Chester E., Knight, Walter L.

Laird, Warren, J., Lammy, Maurice L., Langely, Merle,  Long, Harold

Mozier, Harold, Mozier, Bryan W., Miller, Adrain, McNelly, James M.McNelly, Willard

Narup, Edward, Narup, Henry Jr., Nelson, John W., Nelson, William J., Nimerick, Charles B.

Odin, Morland, Ottwell, Clarence, Oettle, William B.

Pence, David, Phillips, Paul, Poeling, Clarence, Poore, Howard, Poore, Ivan, Poore, James A.,

Quiller, Norris, Quiller, Walter, Quiller, Merle D.

Retzer, James, Roach, Owen, Roach, James A., Rosa, John, Rulon, Gabert, Roady, Nathaniel A., Roberts, Cecil, Robinson, James,

Ringhausen, Douglas, Rumwalt, Bernard L.

Sanders, Floyd,  Sanders, Richard,  Sanders, Victor, Satterfield, Milton, Sevier, William, Sevier, Howard,   Sevier, Fred.,  Smelton, Perry,

Smoat, Raymond, Smith, Raymond, Smith, Glenn A., Smith, Cleo W., Smith, Robert W., Smith, Henry Clay (Served in WW-II)

Smith, James E., Swarnes, Forest, Swarnes, Leo D., Swarnes, William L., Swarnes, Nimrod, Swearingen, Samuel, Squier, Carl Jr.,

Squier, Arthur C., Surgeon, Boyd W.,  Suhling, Alloys C., Suhling, Roy E., Suhling, Allie W., Scounce, Charles E.

Thomas, Justin, Tolbert, Charles L., Tolbert, Kenneth, Tolbert, Lewis, Turpin, Horace Jr.

Wier, Clarence, Watts, Henry V., Watts, Charles W., Welnick, Richard, Welnick, William, Wilson, Gerald C., Wilson, Tracey
Wilson, Vernon, Wilson, James S., Willman, Everett, Willman, Norman, William, Elza, Willman, Robert, Winkler, John W.,
Winkler, William, West, William S., Webster, Harry, Webster, Charles, Weaver, Howard, Wintjen, Noel, Wintjen, Gilbert,

Wintjen, Roudolph, Wintjen, Lloyd, Wintjen, James, Wintjen, James L.