Easter Egg Hunt & Party for kids 12 & Under
​Every year before Easter - there is a party at the Town Hall for the kids which includes prizes and a special visit from the Easter Bunny!  Parents can take pictures too!  After the party, the kids get to hunt for eggs in our Main Park.  Don't miss the fun! 

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Town Hall Rental Available:
Fees:  $125.00 - $75 all day - $50 Refundable Cleaning Deposit.
Handicap Parking Available
Men & Women Restrooms
Complete use of Kitchen
A/C & Heating
Seats around 75
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​Email: hamburgclerk@frontier.com

Helpful Tips & Info for Residents

Photos contributed by residents in our community

A price we pay for living close to the Mighty Mississippi River is having to deal with flood waters.  Over the years, the waters came & went leaving behind the destruction you see in the photos above. 
Major Flood Stage: 33
Moderate Flood Stage: 31
Flood Stage: 25
Action Stage: 23
Historic Crests

(1) 37.73 ft on 07/29/1993

(2) 37.11 ft on 06/02/2019
(3) 36.76 ft on 04/24/1973
(4) 36.70 ft on 06/24/2008

(5) 35.93 ft on 04/01/2019
(6) 35.30 ft on 04/22/2013

2011 KSDK News Story

Annual Christmas Dinner with Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus

Each year in December, the Village hosts a Christmas Dinner at the Town Hall for Hamburg Residents, Family & Friends.  Residents that attend are asked to bring a covered dish or dessert.  The Village provides ham, chicken,  tea & coffee.  Santa & Mrs. Claus will hand out gift bags to the kids & parents can take pictures!  Also join in the "Rob your Neighbor" game, so much fun! 
​It's a great way to meet your neighbors and celebrate the holidays.

Other Attractions:

All with a great view of the river!

Main Park:  Playground area for kids,

BBQ Pits, Several Picnic Tables,

2 Pavilions, (can reserve)

Gazebo Park: BBQ Pit, Picnic table within the gazebo - Can Reserve

Picnic Park across from  Veterans Memorial, Picnic Table, BBQ Pit, concrete slab, River access for fishing on the river bank

Finalized in 2016 - The Village was approved by FEMA & IEMA for an Acquisition Project Grant in the amount of $409,700.00 to purchase 5 properties that have received so much flood damage over the years they were beyond saving. 

We only used $270,090.01 of the grant.  Please keep in mind the total amount of this grant was an estimated budget figure, the Village itself does not get any of this money.  This type of grant only allows for expenses budgeted, detailed invoices & receipts must be shown before FEMA & IEMA will release the funds requested for each step of this project.

The owners participation in the project was completely voluntary.  This project involved obtaining pre-flood appraisals for each property. After receiving the appraisal reports the "buy-out" offer was made to the owners minus any monies the owners previously received from insurance or any back taxes that were due.  Once the owners accepted the offer, the next process was to do title searches on these properties and set a closing date for the purchase transaction to be made.   After all the closings were  completed, then the demolition process began.  All of these processes required bid notices to be placed in the newspaper to allow for competitive bidding, all of which takes time. 

The pictures show the demolition of these properties. The property now belongs to the Village and is considered "green space" and following FEMA's guidelines on green space, the Village is limited on it's allowed use.  These spaces can be used as parks, gravel parking lots, dry campsites, picnic areas, etc.  Nothing permanent can be built.  An article was posted in the Calhoun News-Herald on April 6, 2016.  Click the images below to enlarge.

Village of Hamburg 

Snow Plowing: ​ Please do not park on the side streets when the snow is 2 inches or more.  The snow plows need to get by safely.

Flooding Season:  Please remember traffic increases during flooding season when we need to close the roads due to flooding waters.  For safety reasons, please do not park your vehicle on the side of the road where traffic is being re-directed and please do not ignore the road closed barricades, these are in place for you safety.

Weeds:  It is unlawful for anyone to permit any weeds, grass, or plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers or other ornamental plants to grow to a height exceeding seven inches anywhere in the Village. Plants or weeds exceeding such height are declared to be a nuisance.

Pets:   It is unlawful for anyone to keep more than three dogs and/or cats within the Village. It is unlawful for anyone to allow your pets to run free.  Pets must be leashed when off your property. Pets must be inoculated & have tags issued form the County Clerk's Office in Hardin. You must control pets with a chronic barking problem.  Habitual barking or howling is considered a nuisance to your neighbors.

Open Burning Rules:  No one may cause or knowingly permit or allow, on premises owned, occupied, or controlled by him in the Village, any open burning of garbage, trash, refuse, rubber, oil, paper, leaves, wood, or other combustible material, or cause or so allow such burning in a chamber not specifically designed for that purpose in accordance with regulations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. It is unlawful to burn anything on any street, sidewalk, or alley of the Village.

Inoperable Vehicles:  It is a violation for anyone to knowingly store, park, or allow to store or park a motor vehicle on private property without having a valid, or current, registration displayed on the vehicle. All inoperable motor vehicles or unlicensed motor vehicles, whether on public or private property, in view of the general public are declared to be a nuisance.

Located in Calhoun County, Illinois

                         Established June 22, 1897

                                        Population 128 in 2010